Donostia-San Sebastián: Innovative and Sustainable Tourism

Love San Sebastian. Live Donostia

San Sebastian – Donostia : Award to Sustainability and Innovation

Under the Love San Sebastian, Live Donostia, touristic advertising campaign the Donostia-San Sebastian council has received the “Sustainability & Innovation” award in event held in Saint Petersburg last September 10th and organised by the World Tourism Organisation (WTO).

What´s awarded has been the innovative look at the tourism as a source of wealth and job creation keeping an eye on the collateral possible harm to the local citizenship . Preserve the way of being, identity, idiosyncrasy and the donostiarra way of living making the tourist to keep company with locals in such a way of living and those who visit San Sebastian can share the experience by understanding the city and inhabitants.

The strategy is not anymore attracting visitors massively but the care of the destination underlying the necessity of not to lose city identity and taking care of those who inhabit it throughout the year, the donostiarras.

Persons in the centre of the business model, this besides sustainability (social, environmental, economic); quality (of life, of the visit), and authenticity (identity, culture, local language, traditions …)